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Document Management System for Construction Companies

Construction Document Control System

From building bridges overseas to creating a network of flyovers on land, from building huge industrial spaces to offices in the cities, and from building skyscrapers to humble homes, the construction industry makes dreams into reality (realty). To make it happen, the industry people work far and wide at different construction sites, within various project teams, dealing with multiple contractors, authorities, and legal requirements. All this work is dependent on multitude of drawings, agreements, invoices, budgets, bills, approvals, and so on.

The construction industry’s nature of work makes managing the varied documents a challenge, for instance:

  • People working on the same project but from different locations—on site and at base office
  • Drawings to be shared and recorded by different people working at different locations
  • Various versions of documents based on improvisation and regulations
  • Agreements to be maintained and also shared on-site for inspection
  • Invoices and bills to be followed up for payments and realization of funds
  • Employees working on-site to be reminded of critical dates and appointments
  • Documents requiring approvals from different levels
  • Employees requiring budget and expense status at all times
  • Safe keeping for all documents

The industry needs customized document management software for construction industry.

Construction Document Management System

It is a software which allows an organized method of creating, storing, retrieving, and managing different types of documents used in the construction industry.

Doccept is a software created by Veritasoft LLC, which encompasses all features and solutions for an efficient construction document management.

Construction Document Management System

Doccept brings with it the following benefits:

  • Web Enabled: The software can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the internet. The documents can be thus managed by anyone from anywhere.

  • Scanner Integration: This enables you to scan any drawings or documents and integrate it with the rest of the documents.

  • Auto Folder Structure: A pre-defined folder structure enables you to shift documents automatically into the appropriate folder or sub-folder, enabling easy retrieval of the documents.

  • AutoCAD Preview: Employees can view AutoCAD documents (drawings) from anywhere without having to install the expensive software if they are accessing random systems while on-site.

  • Document Upload and Preview: Employees can upload documents from anywhere and preview 100 different types of documents through this software.

  • Version Control: All versions of the documents are saved and maintained for record keeping. You can view who has created, accessed, or modified the documents at any given time.

  • Notifications and Alerts: You can set timings to send specific notifications to specific employees or group of employees and also set alerts for critical dates and tasks.

  • Access Permissions and Secure Trash: These two features ensure the documents are safe from unauthorized access and deletion.

Doccept allows the construction industry to bridge the gap between on-site and off-site employee communication and sharing of data and documents, at the same time ensuring the documents are safe and secure in a central repository.

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