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Accounting Firms Document Management

The business needs of accounting firms are complex due to the nature of work, and compliance and confidentiality are the key aspects of the functioning of accounting firms.

Accounting firms need to be compliant with the norms of statutory bodies and regulatory authorities at all times. These comprehensive compliance requirements require managing client information that needs to be archived over extended periods of time.

Compliance and confidentiality are the key aspects of an accounting firm. This, along with the need to meet statutory and regulatory requirements are compelling reasons to shift from manual processes to an automated document management system.

Doccept Solves Common Document Management Challenges:

Manual & Error Prone
Reduced Staff Productivity
Misfiled documents, Loss of Documents
Confusion with duplication of documents
Fosters poor review & approval processes
Human Negligence, missed filing dates
Organized data for auditing
Improved traceability of documents
Reducing storage and handling costs
Decreased reliance on physical documents
Rapid access/retrieval
Comprehensive security functions
Easier dispute handling False True
Automated document retention policy
Improved Cashflow


  • Accounting firms must work in a process driven environment. Absence of efficient methods to control documents has implications to the organization's reputation.
  • Potential risks, liabilities and penalties can result from failure to file various tax or statutory returns.
  • Collaboration procedures for many users to complete an audit should be implemented.
  • Backup of client data can be time consuming for IT teams, but can be made easier with Doccept.

Centralized Repository Management with Doccept

Doccept is an accounting industry ready DMS! Our solution builds upon the premise that the content of any form is an important organizational asset that must be easily accessible to anyone who needs it and has authority to view it.

  • Predefined folder structure that meets Accounting industry requirements.
  • Enables compliance with regulations and norms of ROC, IT, ICAI and ISO etc.
  • Provides firms with far stronger control over document security/access, traceability and accountability for audits and peer reviews.
  • Alerts and notifications at document and folder level enable users to be proactive about client and compliance management.
  • Version control ensures that every edition created by each user is tracked.
  • Reduce IT maintenance through automated back of data (incremental or full)

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