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General Questions

Document Management is how your organization stores, manages and tracks its electronic documents.

Document Management System, or DMS is software that controls and organizes documents throughout an Organization while incorporating document and content capture, workflow, document repositories, information retrieval systems and various processes used to track, store and control documents.

Doccept is a full scale Document Management System which will replace the arduous process of delivering, storing, processing and retrieving documents via a centralized platform.

Benefits vary by the type of Industry, but generally by implementing Doccept, following are some of the benefits which an organization should see:

  1. Easy Retrieval: Ability to search by name, keywords, words within the content, meta data, date range, user id, category, folder locations and various other comprehensive options. Doccept ensures a fast and efficient search.
  2. Enhanced Security: Completely secured and configurable security permissions enabling management to provide every document based functionality to be restricted and offered to any single User or group of Users along with Ability to restrict Users on Read, Write and Delete permissions.
  3. Secured Data: Content in Doccept is always secured with timely data backups reducing or eliminating the chances of loss of data.
  4. Alerts & Notifications: Doccept has intelligent Alerts and Email Notifications functionality to associate alerts with documents to get timely alerts for any tasks which are connected to specific documents. This works as a compact Task Enforcement System.
  5. Version Control: Track of every version of a document which has been edited by different Users and ability to change versions on a click.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, Doccept has a host of features such as Custom Meta Data, OCR Search, Customized Work Flows, Reports, MS Office Integration, Outlook Integration and others making it a robust and efficient system.

Doccept Pricing is based on the number of licenses/seats. You can request for Pricing by filling a short form with your Organization requirements at

Yes, our team can provide customization and integration services for Doccept.


Implementation time varies from Organization-to-Organization, but most of the customers usually go LIVE within 1-2 weeks.

Doccept product is initially installed with a 15 day trial period license called Base License this will facilitate the end user to review the product before purchasing a valid license. After the 15th day of installation the access to Doccept would be blocked and the end user has to contact the Doccept support group for activating a valid license.

User can register and activate the license within the product before the expiration of the Base License.

Once the valid license is activated, Doccept will try to validate the license by connecting to the Central Licensing server every day. In case it fails to connect the license mode would be changed to grace period which will be in effect for 7 days. If the user gets connected to the CLS server at least once the license will be active.

In case the user has not connected to the CLS server in the grace period the License will be deactivated and the user has to contact the Doccept support team for reactivation of the license.


Doccept uses the JQuery, HTML5 framework to build the web interface, so you can use most common browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari. It also works on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Yes, Doccept supports E-Signatures and Annotations as Add-On modules.


Doccept can store any document type/extension. Doccept also supports searching through the content of around 100+ document types.

Yes, Doccept supports E-Signatures and Annotations as Add-On modules.

Back File conversion is a process of digitally scanning and indexing a repository of documents which were used in the past.

Doccept uses AES 128 bit encryption which ensures that all the content in Doccept is safe and secured.

Doccept storage depends on the storage available on the Server used to host Doccept.

Doccept installation includes setting up of backup services which should allow you to retrieve documents in case of a hardware failure.

Doccept has Trash Functionality. Users having permission to restore from Trash can quickly restore the folder from Trash at a click.

They get moved to the Trash folder and can be retrieved or permanently destroyed from there.

Yes. Data backup protection comes standard with Doccept. Database Backup is done automatically. We provide complete documentation and know how on Doccept Backup procedures.


Yes, Doccept has a well-documented API which can be used to seamlessly integrate with various applications such as ERPs, CRMs, Accounting Software, etc.

Yes, Doccept can use several authentication systems (Database, LDAP, Active Directory, etc.).

Yes, Doccept has an exposed API via Web services that can be used to integrate with other applications.

Yes. Doccept provides Version Control by default. Doccept works on the Check-in/ check-out model to create different versions for documents. The default version id is 1.0.

This can be achieved using the User Roles function. Users can be grouped using User Roles. A user can be mapped to multiple roles.

Access permissions on a folder/ file can be provided on a User Role which will enable access to all the users that are mapped to the Role.


Doccept has a powerful full text search engine that searches against the index tags and all of the words associated with each checked-in file. Doccept search capabilities include:

  • Keyword search.
  • Search titles of documents and folder
  • Full text search within documents in the system.
  • Metadata Search
  • Email Search

The search engine then provides extremely fast searches against any of the criteria. Doccept search engine can weigh the importance of the criteria and the text to give intelligent search results.

These searches can be saved and re-used.

Yes - the Doccept focuses on the management of working documents and records. The software manages the lifecycle of a document from creation to disposition. The document management software repository is centralized; is accessible via the intranet or extranet and provides control of the documents. Doccept also allows companies to move away from having copies of the same document lying around in different places for different reasons.

Yes, Doccept uses the JQuery and HTML5 framework to build the web interface hence it is compatible with Tablet devices.


Yes, you can drag and drop files on to your folder by clicking on File > File Uploader. This function will enable the drop zone at the bottom of the active Document Grid.

Doccept has various features to import documents such as Drag and Drop into Doccept window, Upload as ZIP files, and Repository Import Functionality to import large amounts of data. Our team can support with Data Migration activities if you are facing any challenges.

You can store any type of file or document within Doccept document management software, and this includes images.

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, which extracts text from any scanned document / image, which enables you to search through the content (text) located within that image.

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