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In a report released by AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), it was stated that "over 60% of all organizations are required to keep some of their records into the foreseeable future, even within the non-government sector".

The common problems that organizations usually face are:

  • Massive scope of operations in varied geographies mean large volumes of data of varied genre being created at dispersed locations
  • Creation of documents that need to be controlled at every stage, from source to dossiers and disposal
  • Document review, approval and revision thru version control
  • Document distribution, retrieval and archiving
  • Storage, safety and administration of documents
  • Sharing of documents across multiple locations – secure access outside of an office
  • Time and effort spent in recreating content that already exists somewhere within the organization
  • Maintaining an audit trail and change history of important business documents

A Document Management System (DMS) acts as a traffic cop at the cross-roads of the information highway: controlling, organizing and directing the flow of information/files.

A 'best of breed' DMS software must have the following features:

  • A strong emphasis on storage and archiving and document life-cycle management including document expiry
  • A focused on managing documents, though it should also be capable of managing other 'electronic information' such as images, and movie and audio files
  • Storing and presenting documents in their native format (not limited to Microsoft Office products but including many different information types)
  • A powerful and flexible workflow for incorporating business processes into the management of the documents
  • Restriction of document access at a folder or document level along with other security models

A fragmented DMS is an obstacle to business strategies in part because it’s so deeply embedded in operations and organization, in part because information systems are rigid and the interconnections between different applications are complex. Veritasoft has studied the requirements in detail and has developed a powerful and affordable DMS solution: Doccept.

Veritasoft is a technology company that delivers integrated, end-to-end eCommerce and ERP solutions. As an international organization with employees all over the globe, it became tricky for us to manage documents and other collateral across teams (and time zones). We decided to leverage our extensive experience in software development and integrations to create Doccept. Now, we never have to worry about files being outdated or lost; every group within the organization has access to the files needed for their job. Everything from branded templates to software packages are now organized and secured in one place.

Since Doccept brought so much efficiency to our organization, we decided to share it with other industries that face the same challenges. Contact us for a demo to see how Doccept can simplify document management for you.

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