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Every organization deals with loads of information in written format. This information is presented in the form of files and documents which are constantly created, modified, updated, archived, or deleted.

Organizations are faced with the following challenges for managing and controlling the files and documents spread across different computer systems in various functions and locations:

  • Creating New document: Documents may be created or uploaded by any employee and if this is not recorded properly then the company may lose track of who created it, for what purpose, how to access it and who all will or should be able to access it.
  • Editing document by multiple users: Multiple users may use the document and make changes to it at their own systems making it difficult to consolidate the edits made to the data.
  • Creation of multiple versions of the same document: Users may update the document as and when required creating multiple versions, and if not properly maintained, the previous versions and historical data may get lost in the process.
  • Uncontrolled access to documents: Unauthorized persons may access documents and misuse confidential information and intellectual property or worse - delete them intentionally or accidentally.
  • Locating relevant content from within a large database: With documents spread across locations it is a herculean task to locate relevant files which may contain the data or information you need at any given time.

Organizations need a well-designed document control management system to overcome the challenges mentioned above and be able to utilize the enormous data and information to its advantage.



Doccept - Electronic Document Control System Software


What is a Document Control System?

A system that allows organizations to bring together all documents and files in one repository in electronic format to be shared and used by all concerned with defined set of rules and controls is referred to as electronic document control system. Electronic record management system software enables organizations to set up the system to keep track of documents, control the inward and outgoing of documents and files, and keep tab of how the documents are being used.

Doccept Document Control System Software

Kensium Solution has created comprehensive document control management software – Doccept, which enables organizations to have complete control over the creation, management, storage, and utilization of their business documents.

Doccept can also be effectively used as a document version control system to store and retrieve various versions of a document and enable multiple users to edit and add input simultaneously from different locations.

Doccept’ s unique features assist organizations to effectively manage their documents in the following ways:


  • Displays real time updates about each document that is uploaded, checked-in, checked-out, or modified
  • Sends notifications and alerts for assigned tasks through email or SMS

Workflow Management:

  • Automates the flow of documents within the organization
  • Controls various versions for a document with option to revert to any previous version

Store, Index, and Search:

  • Stores unlimited documents and folders in defined workflows for different user groups
  • Facilitates specific search for files across folders or content within documents
  • Indexes documents automatically and supports more than 100 document types

Access and Control:

  • Maintains an audit trail of all documents
  • Provides access to users across geographies through any device
  • Assigns user quotas and tracks their actions on every document

Doccept electronic file management system can be deployed as an on-site solution by installing the software in the organization’s IT framework or be hosted on Kensium Solution’s network. Both methods ensure safe and secure access to the documents from any location across the globe and at all times.