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Doccept DMS comes in three versions. Each version allows you to deploy the solution across your entire organization. The only difference between these three versions is the availability of exclusive features which can be chosen based on your Organization’s requirements.

Features Description Basic Professional Enterprise
Web Enabled Users can access their documents from anywhere True True True
Low Initial Costs Install Doccept Server on a Linux or Windows Environment True True True
Custom Profiles Control every function and feature via Profiles True True True
Access Permissions Define permissions at organization, role, and user levels True True True
Familiar Interface Familiar Outlook and Windows Explorer style interface True True True
Dashboard View current activity and quickly access your latest work True True True
Audit Trail Track every activity including view, update, login, etc. True True True
Localization Doccept supports 110 different languages and user can choose any one True True True
  Document Management      
Document Upload Upload a single document, or mass upload documents True True True
File and Folder Download Download specific files, or entire folders True True True
Lock/Unlock Documents Prevent modifications to documents by locking them True True True
Subscription Subscribe to documents to receive notifications on changes False True True
Templates Quickly create documents using pre-defined templates False True True
Secure Trash Never lose a document True True True
Email Archiving Connect, archive and organize emails within Doccept False True True
Full Text Search Search for content located within a document True True True
Workflow Management Event-driven workflows for review and approval mechanisms False True True
Reports Custom reports as per business requirements True True True
Mass Check-In Check-in multiple documents at once and let Doccept figure out where they go False False True
Anti Virus Integration Automatically scan uploaded documents for viruses True True True
Document Preview View popular document types directly within Doccept True True True
Autocad Preview Preview Autocad documents internally in Doccept False False True
Document Expiration Automatically delete documents as per your retention policy False False True
Apply Folder Structure Quickly create pre-defined folder structures including rules and alerts True True True
Create Link Feature Eliminate multiple copies of documents via shortcuts within Doccept True True True
Document Version Control Easy version management. Restore previous version with one-click True True True
Scanner Integration Scan documents directly into Doccept using any TWAIN compatible scanner False True True
Keyboard Shortcuts Fast operations via Keyboard Shortcuts for commonly used functions True True True
User Quota Set limits on storage usage at user level True True True
Tag Emails Intelligent sorting of emails based on email address, subject or content False True True
Custom Meta Data Create your own fields to tag relevant information about the document False False True
OCR Ability to extract text from image and PDF files False False True
View/Edit OCR Text View and Edit/Correct extracted OCR False False True
MS Office Integration Integration with MS-Office Suite False False True
Open Office Integration Integration with Open Office Suite False False True
API Integration Well Documented API to integrate with any system False False True
Single Sign-On No need to remember another password. Integrate with LDAP/Active Directory False False True
Snooze Suspend Alerts for a specified time periods True True True
Auditing Define your own schedule for Auditing documents True True True
Task Reminders Setup recurring alerts at predefined intervals for specific tasks True True True