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Why Doccept?

Doccept delivers the capability that allows your organization to streamline business process into a paperless organization with intelligent rules based workflow management.

Doccept helps organizations manage their data effectively, resulting in greater efficiencies and cost savings. The figure below explains how critical documents are in an enterprise and their role in enterprise decisions.

Software Solutions are usually divided into two broad categories:

  • Best of Type: This term refers to application considered to offer the best functional depth for a single area or a group of related application categories. These applications typically offer depth of functionality across a specific area
  • Best of Suite: This term refers to applications offered as part of an integrated suite. These applications are sometimes not as rich in functionality as the “Best of Type” options, but they are viable contenders on the strength of their integration with the enterprise footprint

Kensium‘s DOCCEPT is the combination of these two categories. The application offers the best functional depth in terms of document management as both a stand-alone program and one that integrates seamlessly through its extensive integration features with other applications within an organization. These applications work similar to plug-n-play models. The cost of EDMS implementation and cost of operations are dramatically reduced by using Kensium’s Doccept.


Kensium DOCCEPT vs Other DMSKensium DOCCEPT vs Other DMS

Doccept – What it delivers?

  • Robust document management with version control
  • Efficient work flow engine, automating document flow between users
  • Facilitates easy document search within the Solution
  • Notifications & alerts to users for task completion
  • Maintains Audit Trails for organization’s compliance
  • Document transfer from Mail clients to Application
  • Accessible over Intranet & Internet
  • Supports all popular browsers
  • Mobile ready
  • Being a web enabled application, Doccept is a platform independent solution
  • Has a low startup & maintenance cost, fitting within most budgets


  • Efficient process of dissemination of information across the organization
  • Repository of digitized assets: better intellectual capital within the organization!
  • Savings of cost, time and effort
  • Improved regulatory compliance and internal operations
  • Inspection and audit ready!
  • Reduced storage needs
  • Improved disaster recovery

Benefits of Document Management System

General Features:

  • Unlimited documents, folders, workflows, document metadata properties, document types, roles, groups and users providing space for ample storage and collaboration
  • Jasper Reports for Reporting
  • JPBM for Visual Workflow Development with programmable section for complex features
  • User can manage their configuration settings (password, mail, mail account)
  • Configurable mail notification messages
  • Complete user log audit trace (transactions made by a user are logged by Doccept and stored in its database)
  • TWAIN compliant scanner integration
  • User quota restrictions based on user types
  • Messaging (subscriptions / send messages to users)
  • Import and export document repository
  • Notify users when uploading a document