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API Guide

  • Doccept - Integration Document Management System includes a full Web Services API, which allows programmers to develop custom solutions based on the Doccept...Read More

User Manual

  • Welcome to the Doccept. This User Manual contains all essential information to make full use of the Doccept. This manual includes a description of the application functions and capabilities, contingencies...Read More

Release Notes

  • Version 2.1: UI changes with respect to the Admin Module in Doccept...Read More


  • Kensium has provided to Client certain software as specified in Exhibit A of this Agreement ("Covered Software") pursuant to a software license agreement between the parties (the "License Agreement")...Read More


  • This KENSIUM End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and KENSIUM for the KENSIUM's SOFTWARE(s)...Read More

Installation Guide

  • This document is a detailed guide for understanding the process of Doccept Installation...Read More