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A premiere vaccine & bio-therapeutics manufacturing organization with several technology-driven patents backing their expertise.

With vision to offer affordable, safe and effective healthcare solutions this organization faces competition from various organizations and has to ensure that the internal processes and quality departments are effective, efficient and comply with various international bodies.

“Compliance” and “validation” are two key words in biotech Industry. The task of keeping track of progress on individual projects and managing documentation is very complicated because of the highly structured and regulated nature of the content.

Kensium has implemented Doccept, an integrated document management system to manage documentation based on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and to automate various processes adhering regulatory and industry best practices.

Doccept effectively manages thousands of SOPs, Forms and many Study documents related to the business activities of this organization. Managing heavy loads of documentation with massive scope of operations in varied geographies mean large volumes of data of varied genre created at dispersed locations. Doccept handles Document review, approval and revision, Document distribution, retrieval and archiving etc. across the organization.

This has drastically brought down the amount of time spent on managing documents, and increased efficiency at all levels.