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Automotive Dealerships

A leading automotive dealer handling sales of new 4 wheelers and full scale Spares & servicing centre at a single location.

This Automotive dealership has large number of documents to be maintained such as service reports, inventory reports, insurance, banking and various other billing activities. Some of the critical challenges which they faced were not covered by the Dealer Management System such as tracking preventive maintenance of important machinery, bank reconciliations, improperly managed CCTVs and many others.

Kensium implemented Doccept at this automotive dealer, who has since witnessed increase in efficiency and effectiveness in managing documents and various other business processes.

Doccept was able to automate various business processes via the task enforcement feature. Doccept has significantly reduced the risk of missing documents and also increased document security and audit. Various business critical functions such as preventive maintenance of workshop equipment are completely managed through Doccept. Accounts and administrative departments have custom alerts and notifications to ensure every employee does their activities on time with no room for negligence.