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We are pleased to announce the release of Doccept 2.1

Changes in this version include:

New Features:

  • DT-169: Localization/Internationalization is now been incorporated in Doccept. It now supports 110 different languages and user can choose any one of them.
  • DT-170: Alerts now have pre-notification feature. We have added couple of text fields like Reminder (days) and Email ids.
  • DT-171: Notifications for “Add Documents” now offer facility of importing from zip files. User can now import documents from zip file in “Add Documents” under Actions.
  • DT-174: Implemented technical enhancements in Security screen by optimizing the algorithm to bring a more functional and secure DMS.
  • DT-175: Doccept now supports operations like copy, move and delete for multiple files, simultaneously.
  • DT-176: The user interface has been significantly upgraded to offer better readability, easier access to key functions and a premium user experience.
  • DT-177: An edit option has been added in Metadata file type.

Fixed Bugs:

  • BT-172: While validating mandatory fields, if any field was empty, system prompts an “error message”. This message had alignment issues which have been fixed.
  • BT-178: While importing from zip option, if there is any hidden file; System used to terminate the process.
  • BT-179: After performing a search, few actions could not be performed for files listed out after Page no. 1.
  • BT-180: System was not able to display user id created in database, after migrating to LDAP.

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