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Doccept Partner Program is concentrated through our various VAR’s (Value Added Resellers) and Strategic Partners to promote Doccept in the marketplace. Our partners have the knowledge and core capabilities to deliver a Doccept solution to our customers.

Doccept, an Integrated Document Management System from Kensium Solutions is supported by Partners, who are all premier providers of document management solutions and understand the value of superior customer service and support. Doccept Partners have a valued, integrated role in the success of Doccept and will gain higher level of success in the expanding Doccept market.

The Doccept Partner Program contains three levels and aligns the expectations of Doccept and the partner with the benefits contained.


Kensium Solutions has developed a three-tiered program of valued Partners who are committed to the success of the Doccept Solution. The Partnership program will promote:

  • The ability of our Solution partners to become the document management experts delivering Doccept as the primary force of the solution. This in turn gives Kensium Solutions the ability to focus on delivering continually improved solutions and ensured partner success.
  • The creation of partnerships that provide a healthy ROI (Return-on-Investment) for both the partner and Kensium Solutions.

Doccept Partnership Levels

  • Gold Partners

    Gold Partners

    Gold Partners focus primarily on Doccept and have a relationship that is critical to our success. Our Gold Partners, in turn, receive the highest level of visibility and support from Kensium Solutions. This allows our Partners to concentrate on and identify opportunities that are only available to a Gold Level Partner who is committed to the success of Doccept. Gold Partners will receive priority placement on the Doccept website, and a Gold Level badge denoting the level of commitment. This will also allow them to market themselves as a Gold level partner a gain a larger share of the Doccept market.

  • Silver Partners

    Silver Partners

    Silver Partners focus on developing and instituting sales of the Doccept Solution, but on a slightly smaller scale than our Gold Partners. Silver Partners see Doccept as important, growing part of their business and receive substantial support, visibility and training that they come to expect from Doccept. Silver Partners will receive placement on the Doccept website and will be given a Silver Partner badge that will aid them in their promotion of Doccept.

  • Bronze Partners

    Bronze Partners

    Bronze Partners focus on developing and instituting sales of the Doccept Solution, but are able to refer the Doccept opportunity to Doccept for continued engagement. Bronze Partners have their company listed as a Bronze Level Partner on the Doccept website with the Bronze Level badge that can be used for promotional opportunities.

Program Level Gold Partners Silver Partners Bronze Partners
Sales Qualification Above 500 user licenses per year Up to 500 user licenses per year Up to 250 user licenses per year
Technical Competency 2 Trained Resources 1 Trained Resource Not Applicable
Sales Competency At-least two certified sales professionals. At-least one certified sales professional. Not Applicable
Joint Demand Generation 3 Campaigns per year 1 Campaign per year Not Applicable
Visibility & Promotion Priority placement on Doccept Site & Actively promoted by Doccept Placement on Doccept Site & Some promotion by Doccept Placement on Bronze List
Partner Fees 40% on License and Implementation Fees 30% on License and Implementation Fees 20% on License and Implementation Fees
10-User License for Partner Included Included Not Applicable
Doccept Support Gold Support Included Silver Support Included Not Applicable
Doccept Training Included Included Included
Doccept Sales Leads Yes Yes No
Doccept Manager Yes Yes No
Additional Benefits Quarterly Train the Trainer Program Quarterly Train the Trainer Program  
Revenue Commitment As per the Agreement As per the Agreement As per the Agreement
Doccept Focus Enterprise Enterprise Any