"Doccept for CCTV" launched

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"Doccept for CCTV" launched

Doccept for CCTV integrates with CCTVs for efficient Data Backup, effective Maintenance & Management.

CCTV systems require robust platforms to manage the surveillance environment. It can be significantly damaging and expensive for any Organization if CCTV backups are unavailable in times of crises where this evidence is crucial. In Most CCTV environments, management is a people driven process and subject to the common errors of forgetfulness and inadequate training resulting in failures that are detected only when it is too late.

Doccept for CCTV offers vital Data Backups as the DVRs are vulnerable for data deletions. It also supports maintenance and management of CCTVs in a facility by alerting when CCTVs are not working or remain in repair for long periods.