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Richard Grossi

Richard Grossi

Chief Executive Officer (US)

Richard is responsible for establishing the group company’s long term vision, overseeing Kensium BPO and ensuring the company’s fiscal strength.

He holds a degree in Economics from Harvard University, an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, and is a CPA. Starting out as an auditor and consultant at Ernst and Young, Richard has held successively more responsible positions in several manufacturing and technology companies. As the European Controller based in Belgium for a publicly traded electronics company, he was able to successfully manage the company’s 300% growth through automating processes and eliminating waste. Dealing with multiple currencies and countries, Richard learned to efficiently manage operations in a multi-cultural setting. Richard has also held the position of CFO in manufacturing, service, and nonprofit organizations. In all cases, he has been able to manage sometimes explosive growth with a focused operational approach matched with fiscal discipline

Thanks to Richard’s leadership and continuous focus on improvement, Kensium BPO is now a well-known brand name throughout the US, and Kensium Solutions is becoming a key player in the SMB IT market. Richard is managing the overall operations for a multi-disciplined services organization, which is focused on delivering cost-effective solutions in the areas of legal services.

Viren Choudary

Viren Choudary

Chief Executive Officer (India)

A serial entrepreneur and an active investor for past 18 years, he sits on board of several companies. A Mechanical Engineer with an MBA from University of Miami, he has been gifted with an eagle’s eye with an attention to detail for business solutions. Viren is a pioneer in introducing technology to every business he was involved in. He believes that business and technical solutions should go hand-in-hand to ensure that system tracks organization rather than people.

He is responsible for maximizing Kensium’s organizational performance ensuring the company is achieving its goals and developing and executing against the strategic plan. He is intricately involved in setting up marketing priorities and ensuring synchronicity between marketing team and company managers.

He is a visionary and his solutions within his other businesses have played a key role in the conceptualization of Kensium’s Business Framework Solutions - Integrated Organizational Management System (IOMS).

Rahul Gedupudi

Rahul Gedupudi

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer (US and India)

As Chief Operating Officer, Rahul is fully responsible for all product research, architecture and engineering. He oversees Kensium’s product development initiatives from design to execution and is wholly responsible for managing the software development team that brings Kensium’s products and services to life. Rahul's vision, hard work and diligence led to the founding of Kensium in 2006.

A talented information technologist with a gift for translating ideas into technological reality, He has a Masters degree in Computer Science from Illinois State University and a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University, India. Rahul has over 15 years of IT development and Project/Program Management experience in various industries. Prior to Kensium he worked for Discover Financial Services, Inc. and Covansys where he was responsible for architecting solutions for the Marketing, New Accounts, and Customer Service divisions and managing offshore teams.

What Rahul saw early in his career has greatly influenced the developmental direction of Kensium products. He had the vision to create the very first Integrated Organization Management System (iOMS) powered products in the market.