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Electronic Document and Records Management System

Every organization exists to achieve its goals. To make their efforts countable and authentic in the real world, the organization must keep track of their transactions as evidence along with other documents to prove how and when they conducted their business. To ensure fair business practices, organizations are also required to maintain documents which have or could have legal or regulatory implications for the organization, its clients, or its employees. These critical documents which any organization is required to maintain for a particular period of time are called as records.

The records which an organization maintains may be broadly classified as:

  • Financial Transactions: Transactions with clients, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, etc.
  • Contracts and Agreements: Contracts and agreements signed with clients, employees, vendors, financial institutions, or other business houses
  • Operational Expenditure: Day-to-day expense records, employee compensation payouts, payments to vendors, sundry purchases, etc.
  • Regulatory and Tax documents: Documents required to be maintained as per the rule of the land, domestic or international regulations, government tax payment requirements, etc.



Doccept - Electronic Document and Records Management System


What is a Records Management System?

It is imperative for organizations to establish a robust records management system to avoid challenges like:

  • Difficulty in retrieving physical documents
  • Financial consequences for losing documents due to misfiling
  • Potential risk of liabilities and penalties due to incomplete documentation
  • Loss of goodwill for not filing tax or statutory returns correctly due to lack of proper records
  • Ineffective audit reports due to multiple users for a common audit document
  • Increased overheads for maintaining client data
  • Risk of under delivery due to improper information and tracking of client contract

File Management software, provides workflows and features that assist an organization to manage their records effectively.  Such automated records management system, enables an organization to have complete control over how the records are being used, where are they maintained, and retrieve them whenever required.

Doccept Record Management System

Doccept is an electronic document and records management system created by Kensium Solution. Doccept is cleverly designed to enable any organization to effectively manage their critical records and documents in the following ways:

  • Predefined folder structure enables effortless migration from physical document storage to Doccept.
  • General feature enables compliance with regulations and norms.
  • Security Feature provides organizations with greater control over document security, access, traceability, and accountability for audits and peer reviews.
  • Alerts and notifications at document and folder level enable users to be proactive for client and compliance management.
  • Version Control ensures tracking of each version created by any user across the organization.
  • Workflow system automates and streamlines business practices increasing organizational efficiency.
  • Regular backups of documents and folders reduce IT maintenance effort and cost.

Doccept provides a complete solution to manage the organization’s records in the most efficient and effective manner giving the much needed relief and time to the employees to concentrate on improving organizational productivity and increase the bottom line.