Why You Should Integrate ERP Software with DMS at Your Company

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Why You Should Integrate ERP Software with DMS at Your Company

It’s no secret to those who run businesses (both big and small!) that ERP software, which is short for Enterprise Resource Planning software, created a paradigm shift in the way we manage our businesses. ERP software essentially enables organizations to collect, store, manage and interpret data from several functions, including accounting, costs and payments, sales and marketing, HR personnel performance, helps track all official communication and much more.

The advent of globalization (organizations being required to operate in different countries) has led to a great many changes in the way our businesses work. So many workplaces found themselves inundated with piles of paperwork and faced challenges with the storage and maintenance of documents.  Document Management Systems which can be integrated with ERP software however has proven to increase an unprecedented level of efficiency for those choosing Doccept. And if you need to know more, here’s the lowdown on why and who should opt for this.

Who can Benefit from Cloud ERP Software and Document Management?

The list of industries that Doccept services includes financial institutions, healthcare, education, legal, accounting, automotive, manufacturing, security, quality control, HR, and even the government!  All of Doccept’s clients have reported a marked improvement in efficiency, turnaround time and cost cutting! To read more on how we can ease your everyday work, please follow the link below:


ERP with DMS

The Benefits

The best EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) integrated with a great ERP system such as Doccept can improve and increase workflow and enable many other benefits, including:

  1. SAVE ON TIME - The digitization of your office guarantees increased output and efficiency from your workforce. Less time will be spent on filing and searching for the documents! Employees can access what they need quickly and accurately. Correspondingly, less time will also be spent on updating these documents as employees can all work on the same soft copy at the same time.

  2. SAVE ON PAPER - Simultaneous work by one or more colleagues, sometimes situated in different geographies was not possible with one original paper hard copy, which brings us to the next and possibly most important benefit – the eco-friendly nature of this electronic file management System.

  3. SAVE ON COSTS – Converting your organization into a green, environmentally friendly workplace is the way forward. Saving the planet should be our goal when opting for ERP & DMS Integration, but remember not cutting trees fortuitously also leads to the cutting of costs.

  4. SAVE ON SPACE – In the current real estate market rent rates commercial spaces are sky high. Converting your workplace to a paperless organization is therefore the best way to ensure that you save on storage costs. A one-time investment in Doccept will lead to numerous opportunities to save rent on storage space.

  5. SAVE YOUR BUSINESS – Opting for Doccept is the most reliable way of streamlining your growing business (or philanthropic venture) for the future. Going green is one factor but using your ERP with your DMS also ensures that audits (both from an external, government perspective and for internal growth) immediately reveal your legal and regulatory compliance. It also ensures that your workforce becomes familiar with the now common ERP interface and has quick access to your unique methodologies. It can also track your increased sales and profits, employee contributions, payments and more such crucial factors to help them do their work in the most timely and accurate manner.

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