The staggering numbers behind paper consumption

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The staggering numbers behind paper consumption

Doccept is on a mission to eliminate unnecessary paper use in offices all over the world. We believe paper products are unnecessary, and most documents in the office can be created or distributed electronically. In fact, we believe all processes currently using paper can be done without it – we just have to start somewhere, and the office is that place.

Here are some facts (from Statistic Brain):

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With businesses being the largest users of paper products, we understand that paper is necessary for some operations, such as contracts and policies. However, with changes in technology and information accessibility, businesses need to modify the policies. All companies have a responsibility to do what they can to minimize workplace wastes. It can unify employees contributing to the same cause and reduce our footprint on the planet.

Statistic Brain

There’s no denying that our paper consumption is not sustainable, for our paper-hungry lifestyle or the planet’s well-being. While the U.S. is far-above the rest of the world in consumption, everyone needs to adapt to be conscious of their consumption.

The movement for less paper

The steps are all in place to reduce paper consumption in our day-to-day lives. Businesses all around you are making the environmentally friendly change. If you’re in the bank, they give you the option on your deposit: Would you like your receipt emailed to you, printed off, or no receipt? Similarly in many restaurants, the paper check is seeing a reduction. Waitresses and waiters are taking fewer checks, as on-table checkout devices are used. Diners are able to view their order and swipe their credit card directly at the table.

Leisure time is even becoming greener as it cuts back on paper usage. People are reading books and news on their phones and tablets and shopping is transitioning to app-based payments, even when you’re in the store. Instead of using paper for tasks that don’t need it, businesses can make efforts to save paper and reduce waste.

Tips for businesses to reduce paper consumption

  1. Print double-sided documents – Making this a habit saves product while getting just as much information on paper.
  2. Scan instead of copying – If someone is just going to view a document, save the paper and scan it to them.
  3. Use digital forms and contracts – Modern software is integrating fillable forms into previously static document types.
  4. Implement light-weight paper – This method uses fewer resources while still giving you a tangible document.
  5. Implement a document management system like Doccept – The right DMS for your company can eliminate paper from the majority of your office tasks.

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