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Document Management Software – Your Solution for a Paperless Office

In today’s world of digitization, almost any busy office needs to have a Document Management System in place, for the simple reason of doing away with large piles of printed or hand-written documents., These documents are nearly impossible to manage, but with our DMS, it’s a great solution to wasteful paper and can be conveniently customised to fit any business model.

The DMS, which is essentially a File Managing Software, works effortlessly with respect to content creation programs, including MS Word, Excel as well as PowerPoint. This content can be saved and indexed so that it can be easily tracked when required. This can either be done through indexing the documents based on their reference names or specific text or images that are present within them.

These features are essential for a business enterprise where accuracy of data and its security is priority. Our DMS offers high-end security and encryption of your data, while still giving you an easy, intuitive user experience.

Our Document Management Software ensures that all versions of a given document are saved. Moreover, the DMS also effectively maintains the details of a given file, from its creation to its final disposal. It also disposes unnecessary or redundant documents and can be customized.

Yet another feature of creating a paperless office is that the DMS enables the retention of emails for a period of time, this allows a business to avoid storing printed documents, and is subsequently easier to find a specific email through its sturdy search engine. The process becomes swifter, more efficient and above all more secure.

In addition, certain Business Document Management Systems also archive various documents and make them available for online use, and when required, they can be retrieved. This makes the retrieval of legal and financial documents, in accordance with international standards, easier. Any business, small or large, can benefit immensely through the deployment of an efficient Document Management System. Not only does a DMS enable effective storage and retrieval of documents, but it also acts as a Paperless Document Management System, which diminishes a company’s environmental impact.

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