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Improve Workflow only with Document Management Software

DMS is nothing but a software (or a cloud based application) that simply helps in tracking, managing and storing documents of the digital nature. An efficient DMS usually doubles up as a Document Storage Software and offers the benefits with ease of access to various documents like blueprints, road maps, policy statement, office procedures along with employee handbooks etc. Most importantly, DMS also avails evidence of documentation.

Input of Documents

A majority of businesses across various verticals often accommodate paper as well as digital files. A DMS aids such businesses, by helping them input the paper files through a plethora of options including scanning, emailing, manually uploading or bulk uploading, and mobile apps and web services!

Indexing of Documents

Indexing of Documents refers to the process of grouping or categorising documents with certain identifiable search terms. This can either be done through indexing the documents based on their reference names or certain specified text that is present within them. More often, a DMS offers the functions of document numbering, content recognition, revision indexing, OCR, Meta data, etc. apart from the primary function of document indexing.

Searching of Documents

While indexes do help in expedient tracing of the document, the actual worth of indexing can only be realised with the help of an efficient search engine. Our DMS acts as a File Organization Software, thus enabling the user to conduct a search that is not only safe and powerful but also swift.

Processing of Documents

Document processing, essentially, refers to the conversion of handwritten, typed or digital documents, into electronic information. This is carried out through Intelligent Character Recognition, or in some cases, Optical Character Recognition or both, whereby various types of documents, like scanned papers, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera can be converted into editable and searchable data. To enable this, the DMS offers support in the form of creation of documents through templates, linking the documents to various records, and to ERP or CRM software.

Security of Documents

Security of Documents

The DMS hashigh-end data encryption, secured access, audit trails, rights of access, ownership modification, as well as SSL support.

The Secured File Management offers an incredibly simple user interface. The dashboard enables seamless viewing of workflow along with important notifications as well as follow-ups and chats.

The workflow requirements of the Data Management Software can be specifically modified for any business. Records, indexes, field reports, descriptions of the work-flows can allbe added to meet your needs.

All of the aforementioned, combined with the exclusive features of the Doccept DMS allows for the seamless management of business processes and eventually workflow automation, whereby all the processes of the business are condensed into a smooth operation. It further helps in reducing administrativeerrors, improving communication, and bringing in greater efficiency, which is a must for any present day business enterprise. This is well supported by features such as multi-level approval, automated creation of records, automatic updates on the basis of documents etc.

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