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How to get employees to use your new software

Resistance to change is a common problem in people’s personal lives and at work. When businesses invest and implement a solution to increase the collaboration of work environments or the efficiency of outputs, they want employees to wholeheartedly embrace the decision.

The reality is that acceptance of these changes is easier desired than carried out, and companies must be sure to cater to workers’ uncertainties of changes. Reluctance to change can come from the employee’s point of view, but it can also come from lack of information or trust in the company. Whether employees are not shown the value, have poor experiences with the product or management decisions, or are naturally resistant to change, management can take steps to assure them the new implementation will facilitate smooth workflows and help them work more efficiently. Here are some of our different approaches to overcoming barriers to changes in organization structure:


Communication Is Key

The best way to get employees to buy into the new way of doing things is by explaining to them why you hand-picked the solution. Explain to them the benefits and features derived from the solution and how it is better than the way processes were previously conducted.

Familiarity with the new solution or product will help ease the transition for those who are unsure of the switch due to a learning curve. Supply them with the materials they need to effectively start using the solution and give them time to get comfortable on the platform. Allow mistakes if necessary. Some ways managers can provide education regarding new implementations:

  • Information sessions
  • Meetings to address questions
  • Instructional tutorial videos from providers
  • Show them how to use it yourself

Individualize requests and welcome feedback

Open Dialogue

Putting time aside to talk to your employees one-on-one reinforces how important the investment is and why they should care. At the same time, it shows that you care about your employees and their acceptance of the new solution. By individually requesting that employees go through the proper training to become proficient in the software, managers hold employees accountable.

Smart businesses make their employees feel that their input matters by including them in the decision-making process before making the solution-implementation decision. Because they feel their opinions were valued, workers will be more likely to make the effort to familiarize themselves with the solution and produce results.

Appoint Product Champions

Software Champions

Every company has some rock-star employees when it comes to socializing. These people may be the best to appoint as the go-to individuals for a new solution your workforce may be reluctant to adopt. When a universally liked employee in your office is appointed as a product expert, it makes it easier for others to buy in and gives the individual responsibility and ownership of an important office project.

The main idea behind appointing an employee champion as the product is the advantage of peer learning and acceptance of the integration. Using this approach means management must teach the product champion the ins-and-outs of the software so they can answer any questions co-workers might have. Appointing an expert in your office allows for employees to express concerns and difficulties without reservations about having to expose their inefficiencies to management.


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