How Going Paperless Will Help You, Your Business (and the environment!)

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Paperless Office Document Management System – Doccept

Technology is evolving like never before and going paperless is the new rage. It offers a whole gamut of benefits ranging from slashed storage, printing and email management costs. Besides it renders increased security and also helps you free up your office space. Let's take a gander at few more advantages of going paperless.


  1. Save Money with Doccept Document Management System

    There are so many positive factors to opting for Doccept that we don’t know where to start!  So we’ll start at the most relevant concern for most business organizations – costs. Once you organize all your documents in one system and place you will eliminate the need for paper. So not only will you save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by cutting paper costs, you will also save money on not paying for space for paper document storage.

  2. Save the Planet

    Choosing to go paperless is the way to creating a sustainable, eco-friendly workplace…so way to go! Climate change and environmental degradation are no longer words we see in the news; they are very real problems with very real consequences that impact us now.

    Going paperless is a way of looking forward, to the future. Paper and all paper products are made from raw materials sourced from trees. So trees are cut down, forests depleted and all this has a severe impact on the air we breathe and on our planet’s other numerous oxygen-dependent species. Deforestation or the cutting down of trees and forests impacts our climate and has been responsible for the extinction of many species of animals and birds.

  3. Win Your Customers’ Hearts

    Choosing to go paper free at your workplace will also win you new customers. Consumers are now consciously looking to work with companies that have a sustainable, green outlook. You can even use this as part of your company’s marketing and advertising strategy!

    Choosing Doccept is a simple and effective way of creating a great company or individual brand and generating goodwill amongst all of your resource partners – including shareholders and employees. Reducing your carbon footprint is hence a very simple and attainable goal for you and your company.

  4. Save Time and Effort with a Paper free Workplace

    How, you must wonder. The answer is very simple. By choosing to go paper free with Doccept you are eliminating reams of cumbersome paper, cutting down on time-consuming filing and organization and finally the retrieval of these paper documents! You are actually streamlining your office work and creating extra time for your employees to devote to more important tasks.

  5. Making Information Accessible to All Employees Fast

    When your organization depends on a system of paperwork and filing, time and effort is naturally spent on managing these physical documents. Human error and efficiency may also contribute to these paper documents getting lost or misplaced due to incorrect filing etc. So your office efficiency and client response may be compromised and delayed! With our help all of the information is easily accessible to all, at the same time, from a single repository.

    Doccept has over the years catered to a wide number of business verticals from the following industries-

    • Accounting Firms
    • Automotive Dealers
    • Education
    • Financial Services
    • Government
    • Healthcare
    • Human Resources
    • Legal
    • Manufacturing
    • Quality Assurance (ISO/CMMi)
    • Security/Monitoring

Opting to go paperless, as you can see from the many positive factors discussed above is the only way to go!

Choosing the cloud for document management and storage can reduce your carbon footprint and your bottom line, and foster a more efficient workplace for your employees and colleagues.

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