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Compatibility and Efficiency: The Doccept Promise

Doccept is a multi-user document control system software that allows businesses to become more organized, secure, and efficient with their documents. In today's world, your business needs to be compatible with the latest technology and accessible anywhere at any time. Doccept will allow your business to meet both of these demands. Following are some of the ways Doccept has become the flexible, reliable platform it is today.

Easy Document Transfer

Adding to Doccept’s range of compatibility is its ability to integrate all types of documents onto the file management platform: e.g., Microsoft Office, Open Office, PDFs. With the web-based software you have the choice of saving a document to Doccept directly, or you can save it locally and then upload it when you are ready. Even if someone doesn’t have permission to access your files on Doccept, you can still share a copy with them. You can send them a document-specific link, or you can send the document as an attachment through email – both ways ensuring the recipient only gets access to the intended file.

Mobile Compatibility and the BYOD Trend

To provide a consistent enterprise document management experience to all customers, we have made sure Doccept is compatible with different operating systems and devices. This is important with the growing trend of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workplace. A piece from TechRadar said, “The driving force behind BYOD is a new IT self-sufficiency among company employees who already own and use personal laptops, tablets and smartphones” (Evans).

Often in implementing BYOD, companies do not have access to devices that are more advanced than those they could otherwise offer their employees. Additionally, employees are often more comfortable on their own devices, increasing their productivity and satisfaction levels.

Matt Straz’s article “Employees Feel the Love When Companies Embrace BYOD” states that those who embrace BYOD trend “give employees freedom over where (and how) they work” and “instill a greater sense of ownership.” Additionally, they reduce company expenditures and are more likely to attract and retain top-tier talent (Straz).

So how do we make this application mobile compatible – what is special about our electronic document management software? Doccept is developed using the latest Java and web technologies such as HTML5 and JQuery. This allows the application to be accessed on either Android or iOS tablets, as well laptops and PCs with an internet connection. Users don’t need to install anything.

Cloud-based service

Cloud-based service

Whether you’re using Doccept to tag, comment, or edit permissions, it’s all done in the cloud, which – along with BYOD – is a growing trend among businesses today. The TechSoup article “What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud Computing?” states that many businesses today don’t recognize the amount of money they can save by not having their own on-site servers. It goes on to say “many cloud tools enable new levels of sharing and collaboration, which can transform how we work” (Lynch). This change includes the increasingly popular electronic transferring of files, reduction in office paper waste, and increased telecommunications in the workplace.

In addition to the on-site servers, businesses fail to realize that top-tier technologies aren’t necessary for their levels of computing. This thinking can lead to wasteful behaviors. For instance, a laptop with the same required computing capabilities as a tablet can cost as much as 10 times more (Lynch). Cloud-based technologies can lead to savings and higher levels of efficiency for businesses.

Doccept’s integrated document management system increases efficiency, reduces costs, and boosts throughput for businesses that use it. With products tailored to 11 different industries, Doccept has your company’s solution ready to go.

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