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The collaboration of employees from across the globe has led to a necessity for a centralized hub where all company documents can be accessed. That’s why online document storage and management systems like Doccept have become so popular. After an employer of off-site workers sees the cost savings, ease of collaboration, and efficiency associated with a DMS, the decision to implement one becomes clear.

Productivity is one of the easiest measuring sticks for those that use a DMS to standardize their file creation, editing, and transfer processes. With a DMS, you can see who is working on what task and the progress they’re making on it – whether they’re working from in your office or collaborating from halfway across the world. Automation and standardization of organizational workflows can also be set in the system, so everyone knows when a recurring project is coming their way.

If employees forget about an impending task, communication is made easy on the platform. Whether it’s a comment on a project or an alert that a new project has been posted, employees can view personalized messages within the DMS dashboard or in their company email inbox.

Once a project is started, edits are simple within the DMS. Those who are given access by the project owner can edit files as they choose to make corrections and notes, with all previous versions of the document accessible through the file auditing feature.

In addition to a chosen list of employees who can edit documents, only those you provide login credentials to can access the business’ document management hub. Between control of permissions and controlled users, your documents are safe with those you trust. If you choose to send a document to someone outside the company, you don’t have to give them access to all your files. Instead a link can be sent to a particular file, or the document can be sent as an attachment.

These advantages are not only available to businesses operating in multiple geographical environments, but employees who are traveling as well. Sales representatives, for instance, may need company or promotional materials to finalize a sale – whether it is contracts, videos, presentations, or research. With a DMS’s mobile compatibility and cloud-based platform, client-requested information can only be a few clicks away.

New tools are necessary for efficiency in a changing global work environment. For more information and about Doccept and electronic document management systems, visit

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